Thursday, January 25, 2007

Women and their many jobs

"When a woman gets near the top, she starts asking herself the most intelligent questions," says Warren Farrell, the San Diego-based author of The Myth of Male Power (Simon & Schuster, 1993). The fact that few women make it to the very top is a measure of women's power, not powerlessness, he maintains. "Women haven't learned to get their love by being president of a company," he says. "They've learned they can get respect and love in a variety of different ways--from being a good parent, from being a top executive, or a combination of both." Free of the ego needs driving male colleagues, they're likelier to weigh the trade-offs and opt for saner lives.

Just putting this here alongwith the link to the complete article, to reflect on later and perhaps discuss. Makes much sense to both genders, not just women.

Also it puts into clearer words a refrain thats been running in my head for some years - why do we do what we do to ourselves? And why don't we recognize the tipping point? More when time allows and the fog lifts.


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