Monday, March 07, 2011

Women I Meet

After spending an entire youth talking and thinking about the men I met, I’ve grown to really enjoy the women I meet far more in many ways. My words will only make this banal and so, instead of trying to describe the diversity, the learning, the nuances of life, the range, the depth, and yes, the fun of laughing and crying and listening and talking and living with women, I’m just going to try and tell a story every time I meet a woman who adds something to my day.

These stories don’t belong to a ‘world of women’. I often wonder what that means – for isn’t the world of women the whole world? Does it not include everything? And its only where and when it doesn’t that women (and men, sometimes) question and ask, why not? As indeed we would if the world of men were not to include some portion or the other. As indeed we do when the world of a people excludes other worlds.

Mostly the stories are about the women, but often they reveal more about the world and others around them, and yes, frequently, they’ve shown me a thing or two about me. I bet the women in your world do that as well – at work, at home, in the marketplace.


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