Monday, October 24, 2005

A Fashion Statement (WIP)

I must be Indian to the core of my colour-drenched soul. That 'little black dress' does nothing to me, specially when one evening has so many little black dresses. Halfway up the hips, halfway down the bosom, plunging down the back ... nada, nothing, nix, nought. On alabaster skins perhaps, yes, the dreama of contrast is essentially theatrical. Throw in bright red lips and you get standard advertising statements. What they say, who knows - meanings have been lost in layers of media.

Give me the gentle pastels of the summer plains anytime, the earthy tones of the fields and villages, the royal shades of Mughal nobility, the vivid defiance of the South, the fiery vermillion of the east, the virgin whites of Luknowi mornings... my Indian heart sings its own raag in tune with the tints.

Black ? When did we ever wear black?