Friday, August 10, 2007

'Should the reigns of the country be handed over to the youth?' I look at it again. This is Zee News and Dainik Bhasker's Opinion Poll Question of the Day. I want to come back to media polls later. Right now, I'm like - do they really have nothing to do or say? Is this a question at all? Are we going to become a country which has opinions and discussions on lines which pop up in some deadline-oppressed executive's head?
Do they mean should the young form the government of the country? How young? Why just young? Why not qualified and capable and committed? Why don't young people stand for election, get elected and be part of the government - this IS a democracy, after all - nothing is just handed over in a democracy. Now, how this democracy runs and the seamier side of it - that's another discussion.
Or do they mean there should be a retirement age? OK that's a better question.